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How "premium" orange juice is really made (CBC Marketplace)

Juicy Secrets | Originally broadcast January 16, 2015.

For more information, visit: http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/orange-juice-juicy-secrets
Marketplace bites into breakfast, spilling juicy secrets about premium orange juice and putting popular breakfast sandwiches to the test.

About two-thirds of us have bought premium orange juice in the past six months, many convinced by claims of pure and natural juice, which make it seem like oranges fall off the tree into the carton. But that’s not the whole story. Tom Harrington talks to juice lovers and an expert who wrote the book on OJ, revealing just how much it is processed and what the labels don’t tell you.

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Lauren Hosford : In South Africa: ALL fruit juice from any store or brand, has on the label : 100% fruit juice BLEND. it is so depressing, u CANNOT find an actual fresh squeezed brand now even from farmer markets. The difference between south africa and canada, the blend consists of mostly water, and cheaper fruits. Fresh squeezed actually tastes and smells better
Bikash Jena : First world problems.
Vincent Spiller : Anyone with a brain should know that once you squeeze the juice from an orange the longer the juice sits and not consumed for a few days or more the juice becomes spoiled and even ferments into alcohol. So how in the world can store bought juice be fresh and natural. Amazing how much of us don't use common sense.
Supersonic : Drinking orange juice is pure sugar and not good for your health, once you rid orange of the pulp you might as well eat spoons sugar like the poison Fructose
Lissy London : Whole foods - get it squeezed right in front of you straight from the orange. Same for Cheesecake Factory OJ.
Eric Beattie : How did the frozen concentrate do in the test
r mars : the corporate pigs can never get enough corn they would eat their own crap to stay full and richer selling us cheap watered down orange juice to make huge profits.
Luke Z : I wonder, have people like 100 years ago eaten sodium at all?
I'm pretty sure they didn't even know it could be made!
Eric Cooley : Late to the show, but...
One reason the big companies do this is to keep the taste consistent.That is a huge issue with many things and how come several of the taste testers liked their brand. It is why a lot of foods have taste additives added. Anything banana flavored you buy (other than bananas) you are getting a taste that no longer exists. The particular flavor was made in the 50s and has since died out or pollinated with other species of banana.
Bill Pii : Where did you get the oranges for the taste test? Because if you got them at a store they were most likely picked way before they were ready and ripened on the way to market and they don't taste anything like a TREE RIPENED orange. Trust me I've live in Florida my entire life.

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Who Is America - Gio Monaldo with O. J. Simpson

Gio Monaldo meets with O. J. Simpson in a hotel room in Las Vegas where he attempts to remind his girlfriend of who Simpson is. After she leaves the room, Monaldo jokes with Simpson about killing her.
Uk Auto : If he let him get onto his second point instead of cutting him off it might have been it was a knife not a gun now we will never know
Comedy Room : I did funny movies
Garrett Kelly : This brings cringy to a whole new level .. actually sick watching this ... how can he be laughing like that when thoughts of what he did must be going through his head.. absolute physcopath
[Jihadists Hunter] : my stomach
Wolfe : I'm afraid to buy OJ gloves as a gift coz after a month of use it suddenly can't fit him anymore.
The Jew : “Well first of all it wasn’t my wife.”

4TheRecord : Does anyone know where the longer version of this OJ video is?
Angel Okonkwo : My only problem with this video is that it ended. So funny
DaftSwank : Jesus -- this is cringy . . . SBC is a fucking genius!!!
Hansen Almani : EPIC




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