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mm2 giveaway for when I hit 500 subs

Marko Iloski : Username: jovanman12345
Reason: i dont have any godly knifes or gun
i did all the steps
Good Luck To All
Skierg Skierg : Username: Artentendo_03
Why I wanna win:
Bc I’ve never won a giveaway before and it would be like a dream come true if the first giveaway I ever win is a chroma!

Also good luck to everyone :)
Flamed Fexer : User name ppiizzzzaasstt2
arhx_xp : ;)
Jenyel YT : Omg congrats 500 subs
Hyper Dsh2456 : Username Dsh2456
Golden sloth Mac : Hey I see you in the lobby right now
Huddybomber Fan : Im a really fan of you i want too see you in roblox
Reason: im a really fan and not good enough in MM2 saw i need a godly prismatic bc my brother got scam by hes prismatic bioblade and chroma slasher
B R I A N S P A C E G A M E R : I subbed and turned on notifications:D
B R I A N S P A C E G A M E R : I'm new:D

WE HIT 500 SUBS! Instruction Video on how to enter in the GIVEAWAY!

Comment #500 down below to enter the giveaway! One comment only please! Drawing of the winner will take place this Saturday 9/26!

JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/622801268555170/?ref=nf_target\u0026fref=nf


Please like, comment, and subscribe!
Sandra Bendall : Felicidades! More people have discovered how special you two are! Sweetest chicas in Texas. I am going to pretend I won all the makeup! Hugs from your Canadian Abuela! ❤️
Celia Dunigan : I love watching you two. I'm so glad you got to #500.
Celia Dunigan : Congratulations.
Cindy Davis : New 2 channel #500
Joann Sanchez : YES!!!! I always knew the #500 would happen cause y'all are Texas girls!! Congrats from San Antonio! #500...#500!!! YAY!!!
Heather Bolinger : Congratulations on your #500 subscribers Love watching you both!
choosemyadventure : Congratulations!!! The next #500 will come so much faster!!! Yayyyyy #500 Keep on keepin’ on! ♥️
miranda stewart : Yay! Congrats! #500
Journeygirl : #500 congratulations
Millie Vasquez : Yay #500 Congratulations I am so Happy for the both of you!!

Modern Warfare relax stream: Can we hit 500 subs

Let's see if we can hit 500 SUBS =)




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