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Demo of Yamaha EMX512SC working for Ebay listing

Channel 2 o line is a little dusty but no big deal
Michael : Everyone is allowed to have opinions but I don't understand the hate comments on this unit, it's a fantastic unit, one of the best mixers I've ever owned in my opinion
Keith Gray : Pile of shit! Atrocious demo....faulty as hell. If someone bought it you ripped them off... shame on you!
gopapillon : hello................testing testing......1 sag ghost and chiken biriani (interference interference ) if he sold this he must have got about £25
Car guy Car : Junk
Robert Rodriguez : It was good enough to help me sell it.

Yamaha emx512sc - Is It A Good Mixer?

More Information


Experienced musicians, performers, speakers, and club operators know the importance of a high-quality sound system with the right features and performance to deliver their sound.

Where portability and convenience are important criteria, a system based on a high-performance Yamaha EMX512SC powered mixer is definitely the way to go. In one integrated, portable unit you have a mixer to combine and balance your microphone and instrument and line sources, effects to refine and polish your sound, and power to drive the main speakers and even monitor speakers as well.

But that's nowhere near the whole story - Yamaha EMX512SC-series Powered Mixers offer a range of features that let you mix, process, and deliver your sound with maximum quality and creative control ... and, of course, that unrivaled Yamaha sound.

Yamaha EMX 512 Tutorial

Tutorial Video of how to use a sub or other powered speakers with the system.
Anthony Sellers : could I use the EMX5 12 to send the mix out to a laptop for recording or streaming? Like a USB connection, or is there another way?
Ghansham Tailor : Are these amps have the option for 240v to 110v switch?
bang chalie : Were is the PAN or balance
Chloe DuBeau : what input are you going into? i can't really tell.. i get your going out from the main output with a 1/4 , but what input are you going into in the power speaker? thanks !
Joel Denman : you rock man
Jerry Weisser : How do i connect emx512sc to total pa bluetooth speakers?
Pedro Demóstenes Monteiro : Fui musico profissional , tive uma EMX212 , vendi , Tenho uma EMX512sc , nunca consegui usar , o som é uma bosta ( informação falsa , ela não tem 500 watts rms por canal , se tiver 500 wrms no total é muito ) . A yamaha tem coisas boas , mas esses modelos ficam a desejar .
Jose Dionisio : Quanto vale o Mixer 512 Yamaha
Erin Nicole Neal : Thank you!
Moda Mont : but how do you power two main speakers from just that one output ?




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