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HPE Proliant ML350 Gen10 Server REVIEW

In this review, we are taking a look at one of HPE’s most powerful servers, the ProLiant ML350 Gen10. HPE says this platform delivers a 71% increase in performance over the Gen9 version. It offers excellent scalability with support for dual processors, lots of memory, and impressive storage. As a tower server it’s designed for a small to medium-sized business or remote or branch office location but it can easily be rack mounted to support future company growth. What’s new on this system? The whole platform has been redesigned and is now a little shorter than the previous version and the security bezel is standard… Watch the video for more information!

Buy or browse the HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 — QUICK SPECS

Buy or browse the HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9

HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen9 — QUICK SPECS

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André Sattler : How can I covert one to rack
Nirnaeth : Hi, maybe my choice is a little strange, but I want to use this server as a regular high-powered desktop computer. Will there immediately be any serious performance problems when using it not as a web server, not as a terminal server, but as an everyday computer with many different types of tasks?
I want to use this PC as a "regular" computer at the consumer level, but, if necessary, use its large resource of RAM and hard drives, for software development purposes.

I think this is possible, but maybe there are unaccounted for features.
Jaylincry : Does this come with Window server 2016? Can it run smoothly running. Dhcp. Dns. Domain controller. File sharing supporting 10 clients
Obama2ND : Greetings! :)
Some questions, if someone cares to answer:

1) I see that the 1-way ML110 Gen10 has way fewer fans (2 if I am not mistaken). When you order the 2-way ML350 Gen10 with only one socket occupied, does it comes with all fans (6 if I am not mistaken)? If it comes with all fans, isn't that a bit of a waste of energy and hardware? It is still one CPU that produces the same heat as the ML110. Of course the fans are positioned differently, but still... I would expect less fans. I have seen rack servers dropping some fans when they host only one CPU. Is that the case here too? How many fans does it come with, when using only 1 CPU?

2) Is it safe to say that a ML350 Gen10 will consume more power and produce more noise than the ML110 Gen10 when they both host the same (single) CPU? Either due to the extra fans or due to some differences in the air pathways that require greater air pumping (e.g. the longer server case, maybe the front side that feels more obstructed)?

I am trying to choose between the two, but I have totally no idea what their noise and power consumption levels are for the same load and CPU/memory.
I am afraid that the ML350 will be a huge pain for my ears, power bill and free space.
But, on the other hand, I am afraid that the ML110 will limit my options.
Most likely I could choose the ML110 and be happy with it, since that CPU socket will become obsolete with new 7nm CPUs soon and I might wish to get a new server instead of upgrading this one, but I might also want to keep the same server and add a second CPU to it, once the prices go down.

3) The warranty for those servers is 3 years. Any idea how long they can last? Could it be 10 years? Does it make sense operating an ML350 for a couple of years with only 1 CPU, hoping that you will add a second one later (when 14nm Xeons become cheaper - e.g. pre-owned CPUs) or it will be a complete waste of money and resources?

Sorry if my questions are hard to answer. :(
ahmedmohmmed55 : Can I install windows 7 on this server
ahmedmohmmed55 : Can j install windows7
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Hugo Lopez : Hi guys,

How would you guys rate the noise level of this server running at average load? I'm currently running an HP Z820 in my small business office and I'm considering upgrading to this one.

My office is very quiet, how much is the noise of it noticeable?

Thanks for the help!
amplifier creator : very nice bro
PREM SONI : I want to connect internal optical drive in this server but unable to find the right SATA power cable for it.
KIndly suggest.

I Found a Server in a Dumpster! HP Proliant ML350 G5

I Found a Server in a Dumpster! HP Proliant ML350 G5

So in this video we gonan take a look on a HP Proliant ML350 G5! Lets see if it still works and if it is worth to keep it.
But it has 8x FB-dimm slots. So I also tested out my 60x 4GB FB-dimm in the machine! :D

So keep it or dump it that is the question in this video!

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Roger Nevez : 7:57 The PSUs occupy half the space under the mobo. The other half is just empty space ????
harold crowe : I got 2...I like em
Schwarzes Herz : I need memory for my Dell T3500 :")
gutiersa : I'll take it. How do you get free memory?
Fauzi Barjy : can t you sell me this ram i need 8 if them 4go
Athrun Zala : wow !! really cool man !! the last time I saw this logo was eons ago .. my first PC had a 3dfx looooooooool really cool !!
Rory Witham : That's not too bad, the caps are cheap and easy to replace.

I have a 310 gen 4, it's even worse.
One CPU and a p4 I tried a hp SCSI card which it rejected so I can pull data from my arrays.
I have a pcix card but it wouldn't work.
The spec is lower.
I have the rack gen5 which is much better. But I de commission that one as I have newer servers. But it may have to come out to access my array, but I have another card I can put in and also storageworks. So there are other ways....
hilbert harm klaster : i also got a server like that. my boss at work gave it to me and i put a sata raid contoller and a ssd 860 evo hhd in and a nvidia gt710 and it work great as a home computer for games and other things.
Joel Crocker : Can u add A New Raid card to this - I am buy 2 of them with free shipping - I will be using it As A FreeNass Box for A Camera security system - I already have A min of 18 ram sticks for it floating around DDr2 EEC
arno robin werkman : en ik heb hier op curacao een HP proliant server voorbij laten gaan, in verband met overlijden van mijn vader.
toen stond mijn hooft er niet naar om 20 euro uitgerekent uit te geven voor een server terwijl ik andere dingen te regelen had, heb nog steeds spijt dat ik hem niet gekocht heb.

6$ Flea market find - HP Proliant ML350 G5 Server

So, i went with my friends to Hrelić (flea market) this weekend and this is what i found. We bought 2 computers, and some other stuff.
This server was around 6-7$. PC was around 5-6$ and keyboard was 0.15$ - AWESOME :)

CPU: Xeon CPU @ 2GHz(4MB Cache) /1333FSB
MEM: 2GB ECC Memory
PSU: 2x DPS-800GB (800W)

I'm actually considering to keep this as my own personal server, replaced capacitors should work fine for 2-3 years, even more since i have replaced 16V ones with 25V
If you like videos as this one please leave a comment and i'll make them more often... When buying this server i thought - if everything fails at least i'll get the fans and MAYBE PSU, but this turned out way better...

If you have any questions regarding this server don't hesitate to ask. I'll respond when i get the time.

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Vlaho Gjangradovic : Hrelic rulez!
Hajjar Hajoura : Hello can you please make a video for power supply backplane replacement
Bri Bri : Hi, I have a short circuit over the capacitors you replaced and various other SMD capacitors and I haven't been able to find the culprit. Can you tell me if you had the same issue? All the electrolytic caps are removed. Thanks
just mitch : Hey i was just goven one of these today! Can you make more videos?!
Petar Faltin : Actually,.......




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