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GYAH - Kill me slowly // BEDROOM SESSION

Give Yourself a Hand - Kill me slowly



I was getting high this week
I told myself to stop the weed
cause I don’t wanna die.

XTC’s my new best friend
we hang out once or twice a week
but I don’t wanna die.

I have to get away from you
Cause you’re a fucking asshole
yeah i know, I love you so.

XTC got hard to get
but i don’t wanna miss you babe
you know, I love you so.



Kill me slowly x…..

2. Strophe

My dealer got arrested and
my cat decides to run away
it’s sad, but life goes on

The letter of my cat was mad
she wrote that she’d never come back
again, but life goes on.

Mushrooms took control of me
and i will never find the key
the magic, the magic is gone.

I found my spirit animal
it’s hidden in my mind
and I , I can’t describe.



Kill me slowly


Bass Solo


Words got lost in light
streets got dark at night
But I, I know.

We use drugs to hide
the truth inside
But I, I know.


aqua lon : Kriege ich die Gitarrennoten? Brauche nur Akkorde
genesis aragones : My name is gyah jajajajajaj
Miri Degu : Wow! Sooo gut seid ihr!
Elias : <3

Ahzee – Go Gyal (Official Music Video) (HD) (HQ)

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Ahzee – Go Gyal (Official Music Video) (HD) (HQ)
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Alain Bruno : This song is addictive.
Ahsan : @2:26 booty drop
Bahaa CJames : موجودين الجزائريين???
Anoud Alqadi : مين عاد الاغنيه اكتر من مره
Santosh Yadav : Ukkanya
Sedef Serim : Dubkavopo
Allu : Good that they invited this Russian group to dance and not fat Americans.
MAMLI10 : Instagram on girls??
kei ilagan : this porm music video not good, annoying to all woman, if you have a boyfriend then see this porm video what he feel , this is my feeling but good job and good luck godbless
taha ahmed : hot and soft asses should be touched and fucked tooooooooooo hard

gyah gyah

gyah gyah gyah idk, i tried uploading content but yt be like- no.
Annzie Coconuts : This is really nice, I don’t understand why there’s a dislike
Nerelys Sanchez : its me blue pretty art
Sam and Zum Zum : Excelent work.




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